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Product Managing

Looking for help visualizing and optimizing a product/service to match your organization's vision? 

Online Marketing

Today's product purchasing habits are evolving rapidly.  Need help better establishing your online presence?

Customer Journeying

Learn why building customer profiles & journeys is one of the best ways to bring order to your marketing. 


"...while Dave is a people-person-extraordinaire, his skill set doesn’t end there. He is also a gifted Creative, who is wickedly clever with words, graphics, and ideas. His portfolio of work and resume prove he has in hand all the skills of an exceptional Creative Director / Brand Manager / Content Marketer (you name it)."

Monica Boice, Web Manager


Creative Directing

Because a little fresh creative thought (+ a global network of content providers) can go a long way.


"David's desire to extend his creativity into new areas  is what truly separates him from the pack. It's because of this creative talent (and "can do" attitude), that he has helped accomplish many things outside of his area of expertise. David is a strong marketing partner for companies experiencing hyper-growth stages."

Eric Bone, General Manager


Language Teaching

Offering individuals and companies the chance to enhance their value through language aquisition or improvement.


"It has been a real pleasure to perform group work with Dave. He has the ability to provide an international and multi-cultural vision of the different topics, and the ability to share his strong start-up industry knowledge. Always calm, helpful and trying to achieve the best from each member, he is the perfect teammate."

Mathieu Miege, Executive MBA


Company Culturing

Reevaluating how and why we manage the way we do fosters connectivity in the 21st century workplace.



Dave's got a knack for the written word and is always willing to hone his craft for your benefit. He's made a living out of writing marketing copy for almost every marketing deliverable imaginable. 



Speaking three languages fluently and another couple enough to be dangerous has served Marisa well. She's translated for major global brands and can manage translation in any language.



Marisa loves to play editor. If you need someone to review your marketing materials for language consistency, tone, you name it - Marisa has experience acting as a gatekeeper for global brands.


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