Joyeux Christmas!

Today the #littlefrenchiesmurfs ventured out after Church to one of the hundreds of Marchés de Noel in the area. This particular Christmas market was 40 minutes away in the medieval hilltop village of Pérouges, where most of the standing buildings date back to the 15th/16th century.

Aside from the live nativity with a sheep that would violently flick its ears anytime Eliot tried to touch it, the market came equipped with a Père Noel (also dating from the 15th century), orange cider with honey/cinnamon, a christmas concert in the medieval cathedral, and free edible snail samples.

It also managed to inspire this year's Christmas Card (apologies we're not mailing out this year):

Now that you know that we're not mailing out cards, hopefully you've not already wasted a stamp sending one our way. HOWEVER, if you were still wanting to go against your better judgement and needed a mailing address (also useful if you ever want to send hate mail), here's where you can find our new mailbox:

210b Chemin des Fûts
69480 Lachassagne

Loves and a Merry Christmas,


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